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Mindful Health Insights Ltd 

Strategic Insights for the BioPharma Industry

Mindful Health Insights was founded in December 2020, to provide quality business insight and market research solutions to pharma and biotech organisations requiring support for commercial decision making and strategy development. 

We offer a broad range of commercial insight services spanning both primary and secondary research, including market landscape analyses, competitor and customer assessments, forecasting, Target Product Profile testing, and pricing research. We offer services both as a client-side project manager and as a research house, and can cover all aspects of primary market research including questionnaire design, moderating services, analysis and presentation of results.

We work closely with your organisation to develop practical, workable solutions that add value to your business, in a manner that suits you.​

Mindful Health Insights is also pleased to offer accredited corporate mindfulness courses, events and taster sessions to businesses from all industries, including online mindfulness and yoga taster sessions, drop in classes, and off-sites. For more information regarding our wellbeing programmes and services, please see The Mindful Smile Company

Please contact me for a free and confidential discussion of your business requirements.

You can also contact me via LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter - just click on the buttons at the top of the page to go to our pages.

Mindful Health Insights Limited

Elanor Kortland 

(Managing Director)

+44(0)7962 499496

Alternatively, for more information on our corporate and personal wellbeing services, please contact us via The Mindful Smile Company 

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