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Mindful Health Insights Ltd 

Strategic Insights for the BioPharma Industry

Elanor has previously offered insight support services to a wide variety of organisations, including "Big Pharma" companies, small-medium sized Biopharma companies, Research & Development Organisations, Private Equity Firms, and agencies/consulting organisations.


Previous clients have included:

  • Actigen

  • Archimedes Pharma

  • Ario Pharma

  • AstraZeneca

  • Celtic Pharma

  • Cephalon Europe

  • Enterprise Therapeutics

  • Flynn Pharma

  • Gerson Lehrman Group

  • IS Pharma

  • Merck / EMD Serono

  • Oxford BioMedica

  • Stratinova

  • Teva

  • The Solving Company

  • Pioneer Market Access

  • Xention

  • And others...

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