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Mindful Health Insights Ltd 

Strategic Insights for the BioPharma Industry

We offer a broad range of Healthcare Insight-related services to small, medium and large biotech and pharmaceutical compaies, including:

  • Market Research strategy development and planning 

  • Client-side project management of research programmes

  • Disease area, market landscape, competitor, and customer analysis

  • Sales forecasting and modelling

  • Questionnaire / Survey Design

  • Interview moderation (face to face, telephone and online)

  • Analysis and insight generation

Services can be offered on a project-based, contracted or retainer basis.

Mindful Health Insights Limited is also pleased to offer accredited corporate mindfulness courses, events and taster sessions to businesses from all industries, including online mindfulness and yoga taster sessions, drop in classes, and off-sites. For more information regarding our wellbeing programmes and services, please see The Mindful Smile Company

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